Service & Repair of Acoustic Movable Walls & Sliding Folding Partitions

Pro-Servicing are one of the industry’s most dynamic and successful specialist companies offering tailored servicing, repair and replacement solutions throughout the UK. Our service includes:

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Our planned preventative maintenance service ensures the longevity of the movable wall installation and reduces the likelihood that expensive repairs or a replacement wall is required.

By scheduling the maintenance period to suit the wall usage, Pro-Servicing can usually identify and eliminate the cause of operational difficulties and excessive wear and tear.

Our experience shows that there is usually a marked reduction in the sound reducing performance as damaged or poorly working peripheral seals compromise the acoustic integrity. This results in complaints from users and in the worst case, loss of revenue as a result of poor acoustic performance.

Repairs and Refurbishment

A complete replacement of a movable wall is usually unviable due to the supply and installation costs as well as the loss of revenue from having the wall system out of action for a prolonged period of time.

Pro-Servicing employ some of the most experienced movable wall engineers in the UK who are able to diagnose and repair most makes of movable walls and sliding folding partitions.

Where there has been external damage to panel faces, or just keep up with changing environments, we are able to replace panel faces of decorate with bright, fresh colours. Additional finishes include pin boards, dry wipe boards and wall papers.

Correct Operation Training

A large amount of repairs are as a result of incorrect operation by users. Movable wall panels are deceptively heavy due to the ease of operation but are capable of serious crush injuries. Your work place risk assessments should have taken this into account and state that only trained and authorised personnel may operate the wall. Pro-Servicing will offer training on the safe and correct operation of your system to your staff.

Full Replacement

Movable walls and sliding folding partitions do have a life cycle and there is a point where maintenance and repairs become either impossible or uneconomical.

Our sister company Moving Designs boast over 45 years combined movable walls experience in the design, supply and installation of movable walls and sliding folding partitions. Utilising this experience we will assist you in choosing the correct movable wall system and specification that matches your requirement.

Moving Designs offer a full in-house design, supply and installation service to suite most applications ranging from high acoustic movable partitions to vinyl concertinas.

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Legal Requirements

It is a breach of statutory duty under Health and Safety law if you do not maintain service or repair your movable wall systems. Regular maintenance of movable walls and sliding folding partitions are usually overlooked and the serious of track or roller failure greatly underestimated. Dependent upon size, individual panels can weigh anything between 50Kgs and 500Kgs which failure could cause death or serious injury resulting in heavy fines or prosecution for failure to exercise a duty of care. Subject to usage, we recommend that all movable walls and sliding folding partitions are serviced every 6-12 months.

It is your responsibility to ensure your movable walls and sliding folding partitions are serviced at least every 12 months. Without proof that you have complied with health and safety law, any liability as a result of accident or injury to the user or those in the near vicinity of the wall will be the site owners/employer’s responsibility.

Capabilities and training

Click here to read The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

Service & Repair of Acoustic Movable Walls & Sliding Folding Partitions
Service & Repair of Acoustic Movable Walls & Sliding Folding Partitions

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